Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Months Old

Hi Everyone!  Logan is moving around non-stop now so if you are wondering why my posts have become scarce it is probably because I am running circles around the house chasing after our little monkey!  But I hope to keep up with my blog more often.  It has become a great way to keep family and friends updated on what Logan is up to.

He is 10 months old now and there is no slowing him down.  He is now pulling himself up on everything!  His favorite things to get into right now are the dogs' water bowl, door stoppers, and the carbon monoxide detector.  These are all VERY fascinating.  It's just too bad we don't have any toys around here ;)

He discovered the stairs for the first time the other day and I sat by him at the bottom wondering what he would do or think of them.  Well he crawled up about 4 steps like he had done it before.  Then he looked up and then looked back at me like "yeah that's pretty far I think I'm done with that for today."

Logan has two top teeth now along with the two bottom ones.  They gave him some trouble sleeping while they were coming in but he has been sleeping better the last couple days.  And so have Mommy and Daddy :)

He interacts more with Kahlua and Oreo, our dogs.  He laughs when he realizes they want the toy he is holding and he just waves it around.  And he likes to follow them around.  We are working on petting gently because poor Kahlua lost a chunk of fur the other day.  The dogs are really good sports...  and they are Logan's buddies.  One of their favorite things to do together is look out the window.  It is the perfect height for everyone.

:) :) :)