Monday, November 26, 2012

11 Months Old and A Trip to Nashville

Ahh time is moving so quickly I can't even keep up with getting Logan's monthly pics up on time!  Here is his 11 month picture.

He pulls himself up on everything and anything now and is cruising around all the furniture.  He loves seeing the world from this new height!  He says mama and dada and gives the sweetest kisses if you ask for one.

We spent a couple days in Nashville for an early anniversary/ Thanksgiving trip.  I had stayed at the Opryland hotel when I was younger with my parents and after passing through a couple years ago Bill and I had wanted to go back to stay for a few days.  We heard about a special when you stayed in the month of your anniversary and then saw all the beautiful decorations and events for what they called their Country Christmas and it was booked.  The hotel is beautiful any day with its many atriums but then add Christmas decorations and it was gorgeous.

We took a carriage ride around the grounds enjoying the lights and Nativity scene.

There was a hall of trees and craft show.  They also had a display called ICE where artists use over 2 million pounds of ice to create sculptures.  This year's theme was Shrek the Halls.  Everyone put on parkas because they had to keep it 9 degrees in there to keep the sculptures.  Thank goodness they had parkas for us because Bill didn't even bring a coat.  It was so warm outside that day that he thought he would just cool off inside.  Uh freeze is more what he would have done.  

It was very "cool" to see.  And at the end they had ice slides you could slide down but Logan is too little to go by himself and they wouldn't let me go with him.  Sorry Logan, maybe next time.  

They also had a room that had a Nativity scene carved in ice too.  It was beautiful.

My favorite part of our trip was going to the Holly Jolly Town Square where Logan got to sit on Santa's lap for the first time!  This is not his first Christmas but it was his first Santa visit.  We were excited to take him and when we got up to the front of the line the helper asked if this was Logan's first time.  We said yes and she then said to the photographer "you better get ready we have a newbie on our hands.  Ok honey put him on Santa's lap and then move away quick so he can snap a pic before he gets upset."  Well this helper was obviously doing her job in making sure the photographer snaps one good pic before any breakdowns, but she does not know our Logan.  Logan is easy going and all smiles in most situations and this was no exception.  

He looked right at him, gave a big smile, and enjoyed his time with Jolly Old St. Nick.  

The helpers were all pleasantly surprised.  It is going to be a fun Christmas:)