Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Day to Join Swagbucks

Do you love earning items for free for the things you already do?  Then Swagbucks is for you!  I wasn't sure about it when I first saw someone else talk about it on their blog but in a few months after joining I had earned myself enough points to purchase my Kindle Touch.  And it seriously couldn't be any easier.  You earn the most points just for using Swagbucks as your start place for searching on the web.  So when I go to facebook I start at the Swagbucks page type in facebook, hotmail, target, blogs anywhere I need to go.  Then at random times it rewards me with 7 to sometimes 26 Swagbucks.  You can catch these even more than once a day so that is why if you do a lot of things online it seems silly not to use it to your benefit.  They have prizes that you can purchase with your Swagbucks but the one I love the most is the $5 Amazon gift card for only 450 Swagbucks.  That is how I earned my Kindle Touch.  I just kept using my Swagbucks to purchase the gift cards until I had enough to buy it on Amazon without having to pay for it out of my own pocket!  I did that back in Nov and now I am already back up to 2260 Swagbucks again.  That is enough to get me  5- $5 Amazon gift cards.  $25 to use on Amazon for just doing what I normally do on the computer everyday.  This time I think I want to keep saving them until Oct or Nov again and see how much I can earn to help with Christmas gifts.  

I am telling you about this today not only because I love to tell others about great deals and ways to save money, but also because today is a great day to join.  When you join you get some bonus Swagbucks to start which is usually 20-50 Swagbucks but today is their 4th Birthday and they are having an awesome bonus for those who join.  If you join today you earn 140 bonus points.  That is a great start!

To join just click on the Swagbucks banner to the right and that will take you to a page to register.  I hope you check it out because it couldn't be any easier.  I am so glad I heard about it from someone and so I am happy to pass it along.  I will even add some more tips in my blog later that I have found to help earn Swagbucks faster.

Happy Searching!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Penguin Parade and 2 Month Photos

We took Logan to the zoo this past weekend and met some friends.  They hold a penguin parade every Sunday from Dec-Feb as long as it is not too warm.  The penguins have always been one of my favorite animals to see at the zoo.  In fact last year when Bill and I went to the aquarium in Tennessee on vacation we participated in a small group where a trainer talked more about them, you could ask questions, pet a penguin and then leave with a special photo.  So this was right up our alley.  It was very crowded but was very fun.  They allow the penguins to come out of their habitat and walk from the exit to the entrance.  You are not allowed to put your arms out but if they come to you that is ok.  We saw one going after an observer's shoe.  I know Logan could have cared less right now, but it was still fun to go on a family outing.  I am looking forward to warmer weather where we can spend more time at the zoo.

As of yesterday Logan is now two months old!  He is definitely cooing and smiling more.  He is playing more with his activity mat.   He still has blue eyes and more hair is coming in on top of his head.

He is such a sweet boy and I just love my little monkey!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Logan's Baptism Day

I am a week late but Logan's Baptism was February 12.  It was such a special event in his life and I can't believe the incredible pride and joy that we felt that day.  It was amazing.  Logan did so good too!  No crying even as he was placed in the water.  Our church stressed the symbol of the white garment as something to be put on after the Baptism.  So you will see Logan in his outfit a little further down.    

Proud Parents:

There were 12 other babies being baptized that day.  It is a big parish and the last one before lent, but they kept it very organized so it wasn't drawn out.  Here we are in front of the church with Logan's Godparents Aunt Janis and Uncle Scott.

We absolutely love our Parish Pastor, Fr. Joe.  He is wonderful with children, in fact he has several books and videos published with his puppet Big Al that help to bring children closer to Jesus and His message. (   He really brings the message of the Gospel to others in a way that each person who hears it can relate it to their own life.  He is also very personable and has a great sense of humor.  He was the reason we chose this parish when we moved here and we are so glad we found it.  You can see just how passionate he is in these pictures.  

If you are wondering what we are doing in the above picture we were listening to something Fr. Joe was telling us.  He said "Logan, you are so special to your parents.  One day when it is nice outside they should take you outside and hold you up to look at the sky and see the only thing greater than you..."  He is right.  God is the only thing greater to us than Logan and with God we have everything we need. 

Here is our sweet Logan in his Christening outfit: 

My Mom:

Bill's Dad and Brother's Family:

Bill's Mom and Aunt Nan:

My Sister Janis' Family:

My Brother David's Family:

My Sister Julie and her Fiance Brett:

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Janet:

Bill's Uncle Ed and Aunt D.O.

The blanket Mommy cross stitched for Logan:

 We had a great celebration and it was the perfect end to a perfect day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I packed up all of Logan's newborn clothes.  I was in denial for about a week or so but when his sleeves got too short and onesies too tight it was time to move on to the next size.  I knew it would come fast but I still wasn't ready:(  The fun part is that now he has a whole new wardrobe again!

This past week Logan has begun to really interact too.  If you talk to him he listens very intently and makes the cutest little sounds back to you.  But the best part are the smiles he gives you now when you talk to him.  It absolutely melts my heart and is the most wonderful sight I have ever seen.

I enjoyed spending today with my favorite little man.    
 I love all of his facial expressions. 
Especially this smile I caught.  I keep trying to catch one of his really big ones but I was happy to get this one today.

Isn't he just the sweetest little valentine? 

And now we are waiting for Daddy to come home to have our special valentine's dinner.  Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!