Sunday, April 28, 2013

We have a Walker

For several months Logan has been standing up and walking around furniture.  He would even walk long distances as long as he could just hold on to one of your fingers to feel secure.  He was just not quite ready to completely let go and even though this is just the beginning, Bill and I didn't really want him to let go either.  But on April 12 he reached a turning point and started taking steps on his own down the hallway.  First 15 steps...then 25...then all the way to his room until just a few days later he was a full blown walker.

Logan also had another breakthrough that weekend.  We had already decided ahead that April 12 would be the first day of mission "Get Rid of The Binky".  He began to want it more during the day and would go and seek it out just to have it so we knew it was time as it would only get harder the longer we waited.  Trying to cut down the time to just sleeping wouldn't work as a tactic as he had already been doing that months ago and now wanted it more.  Cutting the end of it only made him mad that it was broken so it was like having no binky anyway.  So we went cold turkey!  The first night was very rough.  It took an hour and a half to soothe him/let him cry to sleep so he could figure out a new way to comfort himself and he woke up crying twice during the night.  The worst part was watching him on the monitor searching frantically for it in his crib.  It took all of our strength not to give in that night.  The second night he was back to sleeping through the night and by the third night the fussing before falling asleep was dwindling down each time.  Now I don't even think he remembers it.     

He does look so cute toddling around and I don't miss being attached to the binky, but it seemed like between the walking and getting rid of his binky that in one weekend he crossed over the line from baby to little boy.  We are so proud of his new accomplishments.  We know you have to keep growing but you will always be our little monkey.

Here are a couple clips of Logan in action.  I love in the first one that I caught some of his "talking".  He chatters on a lot now and we have the most interesting conversations.  And the second one cracks me up seeing him walking in his pjs that came with a little cape. Thanks Kris!:) Superhero in training.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To My Dad With Love

To My Dad With Love

Here it is the April date
I dread it every year
It's hard to go through the day
Without shedding a tear.

Eight years have passed without your hugs
Your laugh, your voice, your smile
It doesn't matter how time has flown 
You've been in my heart all the while.

So much has changed since I saw you last
I wish on earth you had shared in it all
I know as Grandpa to little Logan
You would be having a ball.

I have great memories to comfort me
I feel your spirit as my guide
But these facts could never wash away
The ache that began the day that you died.

Dad if I could turn back time
And once more hear your voice
I would tell you out of all the dads
You would forever be my choice.

Today, Dear Jesus, as You are listening
In heaven up above
Would you please go and find my Dad 
And give him all my love.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

I know we have been MIA for awhile and I appreciate all my family and friends who have asked lately when I was going to update my blog.  I have a hard time being consistent with it, but knowing you love keeping up with Logan inspires me to get back to it.  I love sharing Logan pictures and stories:)

Unfortunately, I realized we only took videos of the morning and not any still pictures of Logan finding the eggs.  The Easter Bunny had a trail of eggs from his room to his basket of goodies in the family room.  He was very excited when he spotted the first egg and kept hopping from egg to egg down the hallway to shake them. He realized they had snacks in them and so did the dogs.  We had to keep Kahlua and Oreo on leashes so that Logan could get to the eggs before they did.  When he finally did make his way to the basket he didn't even notice it!  That's ok.  Next year he will have it all down.  I actually tried to get a picture with him and his basket, but he was never interested in it and would just take off back to the eggs.

Then we got dressed up to go to church.  This little man seriously melts my heart! Ok, I know I am his mom but what a cutie!


Two handsome fellas!


Sweet Boy!

 We had a beautiful Easter day this year!  It was a perfect spring day- 68 degrees and sunny.  It's hard to believe just a week ago we had 12 inches of snow! We all got out to enjoy it!  Logan actually received the bubble mower as a Christmas gift but it was a great day to finally open it up.

 But he would only walk with it on the sidewalk.  He wasn't too sure of the grass yet.

 Then we finished the day with a lovely dinner with Grandma Meyers.  We hope this beautiful weather is here to stay so we can do a lot more playing outside.  Hope you had a blessed Easter!