Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What have I been up to?

Riding in my wagon.

Relaxing on the deck.

 Discovering grass.

 Eating grass. Mommy didn't like that.

 I didn't either.

Finding leaves.

 They are fun to crush.

Playing with my water table.

 Getting into a little mischief.

 A little light cleaning.

Trying on some summer hats.

Hanging out with Mommy.

Going to fairs and festivals.  

Where I got to sit on some tractors.

Playing in my splash pad.

Helping Mommy cook in my new kitchen.

And sitting in my new chair that is just like Mommy and Daddy's.

Whew! What a fun summer it has been so far and I still have lots more on my list to do! I keep my mom pretty busy so I am sorry if she takes awhile until her next post again.  Miss and Love you all near and far!

Love, Logan