Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween.  I am working this evening so Bill is in charge of passing out the candy and keeping the dogs from barking everyone's ears off.  Since I won't be there I know Bill is not going to put costumes on the boys but I will share with you the picture we have from a couple years ago.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We didn't do it

My dogs overall are very good dogs but as we all can be a little rambunctious at times these two are no exceptions.  So I wanted to share something with you that made me laugh.  Bill was gone and I was working downstairs in the basement and I thought it seemed way too quiet.  As I looked around the room and realized neither dog was sleeping anywhere near I had a suspicious feeling that they were up to no good. As I approached the top of the stairs and hallway this is what I found.

They look sweet and innocent don't they?  What made me laugh was how they just sat there too like "what toilet paper mom?"  As mischievous as these guys can be (especially when you leave the bathroom door open which is not usually allowed in our house to avoid such occassions) I love them to pieces! Even when they get into trouble.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fun

We have really been enjoying this wonderful October.  The leaves have been changing but the weather has still been warm and sunny here with a cool breeze.  To me that is the perfect fall weather.  I would rather have that than the gloomy rainy days.

So besides the great weekend we just had with our visitors, this October has also been filled with lots more fun.  We enjoyed a day at the wineries and dinner with our friends Cayte and Matt and Jen and Frank.
Here are the girls:

And here are the guys:

This was our scenery for the day.  So beautiful to watch the sunset.

Cayte and Matt, Bill and I

We also spent a day at Eckert's Farm with Bill's mom.  We had a great dinner there and picked up some yummy fall food, pumpkins and mums.

And to end here is what I did with the decorations we picked up:

What a great fall!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mystery Solved

In my last post I was awaiting the arrival of my cousins Kristen and Kim.  They also told me a surprise guest would be with them.  Sooo the mystery guest friend Wendy!  I have not seen Wendy since Christmas time last year so it was a very fun surprise to see her on my doorstep.  She went to high school with me and Kristen and they ran into each other about a month ago and started planning the whole thing.  They arrived around 11:30pm so I gave Wendy a tour of our house since this was her first time here and then we headed to bed.

It was such a beautiful fall day that we decided to spend the afternoon at my favorite winery, Montelle.  It has such a gorgeous view and is always fun with the live music and people just out having fun.  

Then at midnight we went to historical downtown St. Charles for a ghost tour.  It was really interesting.  The tour guide knew a lot about the history of St. Charles and shared with us many stories of its past.  We did not encounter any sightings but there was some "paranormal energy" in the area as the EMF's he had indicated and we watched a key turn in his hand without any prompt from him.  Here is our scary ghost tour photo:

And here is one with our Pumpkin Spice Lattes:

Before they headed out we had lunch on the patio.  It was 83 degrees today.  I know a cold front is coming so it was so nice to soak up this wonderful fall weekend with warm weather, great friends and family, and lots of fun!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mystery Guest

Sorry blogging friends.  I can't believe my last post was that long ago.  Where does the time go?  It has just been busy here with work, Bill's dad visiting, home projects, recovering from having my wisdom teeth removed etc.  I have all these ideas for posts and just haven't had a chance to write.  So I promise not to leave you hanging for so long next time.

I am currently getting my house ready for my cousins Kristen and Kim who are visiting this weekend. I am sooo excited.  They are arriving tomorrow evening.  We don't have anything planned for during the day on Sat yet but it is supposed to be a beautiful 70 degree sunny fall day so anything can happen.  Then at midnight we are going to a ghost tour in an old town near here.  What is really fun too is that they told me last weekend that there is also another person coming....a mystery guest!  Now I know it will be a fun surprise but it has been killing me all week.  I can't wait to see who it is! and then share with all of you:)