Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas Uncle David!

Seeing that the last time I posted on this blog was in July proves just how fast time flies when you are having fun!  I began it to keep family and friends updated on what Logan is up to and I admit I have been a huge slacker!  I would say I do better on Facebook and while I do post some on there I still don't really post regularly.  And not all family is on Facebook...Uncle David.  He is the inspiration behind this post as I receive regular calls informing me that he is looking at my blog and keeps seeing Logan on the fourth of July.  Life with Logan has been much more exciting than my blog seems to have conveyed the last several months.  So for a fun Christmas surprise for Uncle David here is a recap of the last several months with lots of pictures to look at.  Hope this gives you lots to enjoy!

Reading books with Daddy

Mommy and Logan hanging out at the zoo

Summer Festival

More Zoo time

Enjoying some dippin dots

Cupcake in a cone! Logan's first friend birthday party!

Big Joel's Safari Petting Zoo

Riding the carousel at the mall (Before he became anti-rides)

Wearing Daddy's shoes

Logan driving our grocery cart

Fun at the park

My cool guys

Taking a drive with Ellen

See he looks so happy here to be driving this car with Matt but this is the ride that scared him into giving up all rides for now.

Columbus zoo.  This baby leopard really wanted to play with Logan.

This one freaked mommy out even with the glass.


Playing with his star wars spaceship

Riding his bike

A special oreo cupcake after dinner one night.

He loves to walk around wrapped in a blanket.

The pumpkin farm

Buried in corn

Got to ride a tractor

Pony ride

Fun at cousin Brielle's wedding

Dancing the night away

Drawing with chalk

Swimming lessons

Asleep at Aunt Julie and Uncle Brett's wedding

Mickey Mouse for Halloween

Baking Christmas cookies

Bundled up

Carriage rides in our neighborhood

Nothing like relaxing with a good book

This picture was taken when mommy realized he had grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl and opened it up by himself to eat.

First snowfall of the year.  Looks ok here but he actually hated it.  Maybe next time will be better.

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